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Chayo Briggs, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and President of Briggs & Lay Pro Incorporated, is a Real Estate Investor, Financial Advisor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has been in the real estate business for the past 17 years after working his last job in 2000 as Youth Counselor and receiving his last unemployment check in 2000. An experienced investor and an expert in business development, negotiation, foreclosures, short sales, and credit restoration, he established the ideology of Briggs & Lay Pro in 1999, creating a successful real estate investment company that specializes in a multitude of real estate services, with the objective and mission to locate, purchase and rehabilitate distressed properties and then resell the property for market value. 

His company mission was to educate the minority community in order to create passive income there are several key factors and the most important task is to maintain good credit and invest their money into an asset , such as a home because investing into a home defines value because its residual income. He is also an author and speaker whose books offer readers inspiration from his own story and help people learn the fundamentals of rebuilding their credit and other entrepreneurial and financial skills. Currently writing a book titled A Multi- Cultural Family Struggles Against Economics, Racism & Social Hardships, Briggs is a self-described, self-made Man of Action – a Leader, Assertive, Confident, Determined, Decisive, Disciplined, Responsible, Independent, Logical, Pragmatic, Productive, Proactive. His real estate investment company, Briggs & Lay, rehabs properties and rents them to tenants on Section 8 and those who receive assistance under the Housing Choice Voucher Program as well as to military families relocating. Dedicated to helping investors gain interest on their money, his company's strategy has been to invest low and increase its investment value by 85%. By primarily investing in income-producing properties and development opportunities throughout the United States, he has Briggs and his enterprises have consistently gained the trust of clients.

The story of his successes as well as creative output, including poetry, have been featured in numerous books, news and magazine articles, such as My Best Friend And My Man by Cydney Rax, Synchronized Ink by Michelle E. Alford, El Original (Bilingual Newspaper), Skipping Stones (“A Multicultural Children’s Magazine”), Nuestro Mundo (Bilingual Newspaper), LA Youth Newspaper, Diva Naires Magazine with Shakeena Whitmore, Trend Setters Magazine and Anthology of Poetry with Michele Alford, Just Me Magazine, Poetic Energy (Radio Station 109.9) with Michele Alford, and Courbee Revolucion Magazine by Jamila Choyce. Born in Compton, California, Briggs's inner drive for success was set in motion early on by his parents. Of West Indian descent, they stressed the importance of education and personal achievement.

Growing up his dad was in the military and spoke Korean and Creole; his stepmom was from the Philippines. Raised within the strictures of Filipino culture, Briggs learned the (Tagalog) language and embraced the concept of Kapwa, which emphasized "unity of self and others" and a sense of "fellow being," he also learn to understand and speak the Spanish language due to his school environment making Briggs quintilingual. To fulfill his dreams of becoming an accomplished American business magnate, Briggs observed the teachings of entrepreneurial successes and real estate gurus like Hubert Humphrey, John Beck, Dave Lindahl, Dr. Ervin Briggs Sr., Regina Littles, Carlton Sheets, Eric Estrada, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Donald Trump, Russ Whitney, Charrissa Cawley, and Armando Montelongo.

Briggs first began developing his leadership skills when he was in high school in Los Angeles, becoming 1st Sergeant in the California Cadet Corps. Several years later as an adult, he became a Youth Counselor with Gillis Center, Kansas City, Missouri, where he developed interactive programs for children and teens, prepared training programs for student groups on various topics, coordinated with counselors, and worked with patients to ensure achievement of all targets through intervention in family meetings. Coordinating with clients, he developed strategies for development, including workshops on life skills, anger management, and enhancing self esteem, while developing programs to increase educational prospects. He also provided counseling to troubled youth and analyzed and resolved conflicts between students and parents.

In college, Briggs was a writer and leader within the Office of the National Black Student Union, promoting many of the aims of the organization's efforts concerned with civil rights and social action. Education has been a major constant in his life. Currently a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University, he is completing his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership focused in International Business, Trade & Commerce. After graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School, Briggs first attended Blue Rivers Community College, where he received an Associate of Arts degree, and then attended the University of Omaha, Nebraska. He went on to complete his Bachelor's of Science in Business Management at Ashford University and later acquired his Master's of Science in Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino.

In addition to his formal education, much of his knowledge, shrewdness, and skill has come from a passion for travel. Originally wanting to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Peace Corps, he has ventured through every corner of the world throughout his life, visiting Key West, Bahamas, Morelos, Guadalajara, Acapulco, Oaxaca, Puebla, Nassau, Italy, Freeport, Dublin, Wales, London, Oxford, Stratford, Ireland, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Munich. This summer, he plans to travel to South Africa, Egypt, Greece, Beijing or Imperial China, Japan, Poland, Russia, Denmark, and Sweden. Always attentive to positive health habits, Briggs has been a Pescatarian Vegetarian – abstaining from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish – for over 19 years.